Prescription Sunglasses

In past years, it was hard to protect your eyes from the sun if you wore glasses. There was a terrible contraction known as ‘clip ons’ that people needed to use. It clipped on over the top of their glasses. Clip ons were uncomfortable because they would often scratch the wearer’s nose. They also looked just plain silly. Fortunately, times have changed, and if you live in Carrboro, NC, you no longer need to worry about scratching your nose if you wear glasses and want to protect your eyes from the sun. Instead, you just need to contact Optical Reflections. We will show you modern solutions that are comfortable, and that also look great. 

At Optical Reflections, we offer a full line of prescription sunglasses. These are great if you wear glasses because you will not have to add anything on in order to protect your eyes from the sun. Our prescription sunglasses come in many of the same styles that you will find if looking at non-prescription sunglasses. In fact, we have designer brands. You can protect your eyes and look fashionable at the same time. That sure beats having ugly red scratches on your nose! 

If you would like to find out more about Optical Reflections, please take a look at our website. You can find that at There you can learn about the different designer sunglasses that we carry, with either prescription or non-prescription lenses. On our website, you can also learn about our other services, including contact lenses and accessories for your glasses. If you live in Hillsborough, Durham, or Carrboro, NC, or if you’re from a nearby city, visit Optical Reflections. We have the right glasses and sunglasses for you, and you will also find that our prices are competitive. Don’t wait any longer.