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If you are looking for a place where you can find a great selection of prescription and polarized sunglasses in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, come into Optical Reflections

Here at Optical Reflections, we have a wide variety of sunglasses to fit your personal style. From Maui Jims, Ray Bans, to a bunch of designer sunglasses – we are sure that you will find something that you love, here at Optical Reflections. And if our selection isn’t something to delight in, you are sure to love our low prices. So come into Optical Reflections and see what we have in store for you.


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The sun can take a real toll on your eyes. Squinting because of the sun can cause physical problems. If you squint all the time in order to keep the sun out of your eyes, you are risking damage to your eyes. Cataracts can form faster due to too much exposure to the sun. Squinting will also eventually add to wrinkles on both your forehead and around your eyes. If you do not take care of your eyes when you are younger, you will regret it when you are older. Fortunately, it is easy to protect your eyes from the sun. If you live in Chapel Hill, NC, it all starts with a visit to Optical Reflections. We will help you to protect your eyes so that you will look fantastic now and also years from now. 

If you are looking to protect your eyes from the sun, stop by Optical Reflections and ask us about polarized sunglasses. You may already wear sunglasses when you go outdoors, but do they do enough? The difference with polarized sunglasses is that they are made specifically to protect your eyes from the sun. There will be less glare than with other sunglasses, and you will notice the difference the first time you wear them. 

At Optical Reflections, we have many styles of polarized sunglasses, so you are certain to find a pair or two that show off your personality. If you wear glasses, that is not a problem, we can make prescription polarized sunglasses as well. If you would like to learn more about Optical Reflections and all that we offer to Carrboro, Hillsborough, and Chapel Hill, NC, please take some time to browse through our website. At Optical Reflections, we make people in these towns and the surrounding areas look great while their eyes are protected.

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